🥋Week 9 Breakdown!🥋

Welcome to our Weekly Breakdown for Week 9 of the Gracie Barra Fundamentals Curriculum! Thank you for dropping by to check out our detailed technique breakdown. All of our GBK classes will be learning how to escape from a front bear hug this week. Our self-defense technique this week is so important, because an untrained person will likely try to grab someone using a front bear hug in a self-defense situation. The overall focus of the week is bottom guard for all kids classes! The self-defense focus for GB1 Fundamentals Classes will be blocking and defending punches from turtle position and knee on belly. The focus on the ground techniques is bottom guard. There will be sweeps and submissions!

🗣️ Word of The Week: SAFETY

At Gracie Barra Saddle Rock Jiu-Jitsu, safety is our top priority. We understand the importance of providing a safe and supportive environment for all our students, whether they’re beginners or advanced practitioners. Our instructors are highly trained and certified, ensuring that all techniques are taught with proper form and execution to minimize the risk of injury. Let’s talk about Safety this week!

Tiny Champions (3-4) & Little Champions 1 (5-6):

Class A

Class B

Little Champions 2 (7-9) & Juniors (10-13):

Class B

GB1 Adults & Teens Fundamentals (Tue. & Thu. 6:00pm):

Class A

Class B

No-Gi GBK, Adults & Teens:

GBK Programs: All of our GBK classes are learning the same techniques this week. This means that the focus for No-Gi will be introducing all the techniques of the week with a No-Gi uniform. As always, this is an important time for them to utilize self-defense techniques with a more realistic approach.

Adults & Teens: Adults & Teens will be introduced to a No-Gi method of pulling to the guard, but more specifically, half-guard. On the ground, this week is all sweeps from bottom guard. There will be a few different variations for you!

We hope you enjoyed the Weekly Breakdown for Week 9! See you on the mats for Week #9. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for content!

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