Week 1! Self Defense from strikes, Closed Guard , Scissor Sweep

Welcome to Week 1 of the Gracie Barra Fundamentals Curriculum! This week, we’re returning to the fundamentals and starting fresh in our pursuit of becoming top-notch Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. To stay informed about our weekly curriculum, you can visit our website or follow us on Instagram (@saddlerock). To reserve a FREE trial class, https://gbsaddlerock.com/schedule/

For GB Fundamentals students, Week 1 will cover essential skills like regaining guard from bottom side-control, pulling guard from a standing position, and executing the scissor sweep. The drill for GB1 classes will involve a partner flow through the guard pull and scissor sweep. Later in the week, students will work on escaping the mount, executing an X choke from closed guard, and continuing to practice the guard pull from a standing position, with specific training from the closed guard.

GBK Juniors and Little Champs II will focus on distance management, a foot sweep, and a guard position, with the instructor selecting the sweep for the week.

GBK Tiny Champs and Little Champs I will learn how to use Judo grips to destabilize their opponents, as well as guard control using collar grips.

Let’s devote this week to self-improvement and progress in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice. We can’t wait to see you all on the mats!

For Week 1 our Word of the Week is Leadership. Let us all try to be the best leader we can be both on and off the mats!