Week 2! Headlocks – Hip/Hand Throws – Side Control

Week 2 of the Gracie Barra Saddle Rock Fundamentals Curriculum has begun! Week 2! Headlocks – Hip Throws – Side Control. We hope that Week 1 was as great for you as it was for us. Now let’s focus on working through the techniques of Week 2 with our teammates at Gracie Barra Saddle Rock!

In the GB1 Curriculum class, students will first learn techniques for escaping standing headlocks, executing rear takedowns, performing technical mounts, and applying armbars. Then, the focus will shift towards mastering side-mount escapes and transitioning into closed guard. This week’s drill will concentrate on improving side control, and specific training will be dedicated to this position.

In the Gracie Barra Kid’s program, the focus will be on push defense, developing a strong base, and executing technical lifts. After the self-defense segment, children will learn a ground technique, specifically side-mount, and how to properly control in the position as well as escape.

The word of the week is Brotherhood. As martial arts practitioners, we share a unique bond that goes beyond just training on the mats. This bond is built on respect, trust, and mutual support, and it creates a community of individuals who share a common passion. So, the next time you step onto the mats, remember that you are part of a brotherhood that extends far beyond the gym.

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