GB Week 11- Self-Defense, Ground Strikes, Leg Grabs & Top Guard

Its Week 11 in the Gracie Barra Fundamentals Curriculum. The focus of Week 11 includes: Self-Defense Ground Strikes Leg Grabs & Top Guard. In the GB1 Fundamentals classes self-defense techniques will cover blocking a punch & countering with a hip throw. On the ground we will work on opening and passing the guard with a knee slide and stand-ups. The drill of the week will include opening, passing the guard and transitioning to mount.

The GB2 Advanced curriculum will focus on Leg Grabs & the Guard Top Position.

Our Tiny Champs will learn the Bull Fighter Guard Pass and for self-defense a defense to a jab and a straight punch will be taught.

Little Champs & Juniors will learn Hair Pull Escapes and Body Locks. The focus on the ground will be Guard Top Position.

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season! We will see you on the mats!

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